Our Mission

The mission of Friends of the Ann Arbor Greenway is to promote the creation of a full-scale public park and greenway system in the Allen Creek floodplain consisting of:

  • A main Greenway walking and bicycling pathway located in the Ann Arbor Railroad right-of-way, running from the U-M athletic complex to Argo Dam and the Huron River

  • Three Greenway anchor parks occupying the entirety of three public floodplain/floodway properties (northeast corner of First & William; 415 W. Washington city yard; & 721 N. Main city yard).

Establishing the pathway and the three parks will provide the basis for a substantial, full-scale Ann Arbor Greenway. We will never have a better opportunity than NOW to set aside these three public properties for Greenway parks.

Greenway Extents

Please Sign the Greenway Petition

We have created a petition for a full-scale greenway that needs your support! We propose that the greenway incorporate 3 city-owned floodplain properties (the First & William surface parking lot, 415 W. Washington City Parks Maintenance yard and 721 N. Main City Fleet Services yard) for parks. Our petition supporting parks in these key elements of the greenway is online now - please sign it and tell your friends and neighbors. Click here to visit the petition page and sign. Thank you!

Also, if you have the time, we provide links on the right side of this page to send emails to city council, the mayor, and the Ann Arbor News. Sending your thoughts directly to these governing bodies is another great way to ensure your voice is heard.